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Léda Gerber

Léda Gerber has been involved in the fields of Life Cycle Assessment and energy systems for several years. She completed a MSc. in environmental engineering at the Swiss Technology Institute of Lausanne (EPFL) in 2008. She worked then as a scientific assistant at the Industrial Energy Systems Laboratory in EPFL, where she obtained a PhD in Energy Sciences in 2012. Since 2013, she works as a post-doctoral researcher in Cornell University. In collaboration with industries and communities, she has contributed to various projects dealing with the sustainable design of renewable energy technologies, such as second and third generation biofuels, geothermal systems, concentrating solar power, and regional energy planning.


Les publications de Léda Gerber

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Designing Renewable Energy Systems  De Léda Gerber - EPFL Press

Designing Renewable Energy Systems

A Life Cycle Assessment Approach

De Léda Gerber

EPFL Press - 12/12/2014

85,00 €

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