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Surface Second Harmonic Generation


De Pierre-François Brevet


PPUR - Collection : Cahiers de chimie - 11/02/1997

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The aim of this book is to present the theoretical background for surface second harmonic generation. The technique has gained a wide interest in surface science as a probe for surface structure and dynamics. Therefore, the main equations are given along with extensive derivations in order to provide to the student and the researcher the necessary tools to enter the field. A first part is devoted to the basic concepts, including multipole expansion, linear optics and susceptibilities, and introduces to the second part where the macroscopic nonlinear Maxwell equations are solved. In the last part of the book, a microscopic description of molecular and metal/electrolyte interfaces is given.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Optical nonlinearity in media
  • Time domain and Frequency domain
  • Multipole expansion
  • Linear optics
  • Susceptibilities
  • Nonlinear Maxwell equations
  • Rotation anisotropy
  • Surface SHG at metal/Solution interfaces
  • SSHG from adsorbed molecular layers
  • Surface sum frequency generation.
  • Informations

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