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  1. Common Knowledge

EPFL Press Series

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Common Knowledge

The Challenge of Transdisciplinarity

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Knowledge is a living thing, sustained through dynamic reflexive processes. Whether at the level of cellular signaling pathways, Internet design, or sociocultural interactions, human understanding grows and accrues value through bi-directional transmission across networks of emitters and receptors. And the cross-fertilization of ideas from different sources is what keeps the process vigorous. This book represents a coherent milestone in cultivating constructive exchange between experts and specialists from the physical, natural, economic and human science disciplines. From its sixteen original and highly personal essays portraying multiple facets of the knowledge creation process, emerge a common sense of purpose and a framework of new tools and methodologies for interdisciplinary dialogue.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Transforming knowledge into wisdom
  • Common responsibilities
  • Public, relational and organizational trust in economic effairs
  • Learning from the Past : how to bring ethics and economics in line with the real nature of the human being
  • Collective intelligence and business enterprise 2.0
  • Science and the social contract: on the purposes, uses and abuses of science
  • Scientific knowledge leads to moral responsibilities – Case study synthetic biology
  • Common goals
  • War and peace: conflict and cooperation in a tropical insect society
  • Towards understanding conflict elicitation and conflict resolution: challenges for brain, behavioral and social sciences
  • Academic prejudice and the spirit of humbleness
  • Kachile – Concepts, tools & strategies for a post-conflict environment
  • disciplines for the common good: from insular to systemic interdisciplinarity frontiers research: seek, share & create
  • Common language
  • Towards a science of collective intelligence
  • Collective quality: how to design collective standards of knowledge?
  • Web Science and reflective practice
  • Science blogs in research and popularization of science: why, how and for whom ?
  • Understanding the science of stories
  • Informations

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