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Design for Innovative Technology

From disruption to acceptance


De Nicolas Henchoz et Yves Mirande


EPFL Press - 16/01/2014

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    Despite their often remarkable performance, new and ‘disruptive’ technologies often meet with resistance from the general public. Design – sometimes assumed to play a purely aesthetic role – is central in making revolutio­ nary technology acceptable to society. Mastering design allows technological breakthroughs to transcend the innovation stage and to enter daily life. In this clear and accessible book, Nicolas Henchoz and Yves Mirande offer a new vision for the discipline. A wide range of prac­ tical case studies examine how the principles discussed in the book can renew the interplay between design and innovation. Surprising results are found in projects as diverse as solar cells dye­sensitized with raspberry juice, digital archiving of the Montreux Jazz Festival, and developing uses of augmented reality which bring toge­ ther the creative liberty of the academic world and the competence of industrial partners. Design for Innovative Technology is the culmination of the groundbreaking research performed at the EPFL+ECAL Lab in Switzerland and its network of international institutions worldwide.


    • Part One A History, a Context, an Encounter
    • C’est Design !
    • Sunny Memories
    • Transdisciplinarity: Uniting Differences
    • Michel Maffesoli: Sensitivity and Reason
    • Biomimesis
    • The Birthplace of an Adventure
    • Pierre Keller: Beyond Function
    • Give Me More
    • Design and Technology: The Encounter
    • Patrick Aebischer: Opening up New Fields
    • Hidden Carbon
    • London, Paris, San Francisco
    • The Colors of Dignity
    • Part Two Visions and Propositions
    • A New Digital Revolution
    • Andrea Branzi: A World Made of Exceptions
    • Lazy Bytes
    • Original and Super Normal
    • Jasper Morrison: Living with the Object
    • Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab
    • Towards the First World
    • NadiaBruschweiler-Stern: Disintegrated Adults
    • Under Pressure
    • From the Idea to the Product
    • Yves Béhar: Reinventing the Design Business
    • Seeds of Colors
    • AndNow...?
    • Appendix
    • Endnotes
    • Bibliography
    • Special Thanks
    • Biographies


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