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  1. The West-African City

EPFL Press Series

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The West-African City

Urban space and models of urban planning


De Jérôme Chenal


EPFL Press - Collection : Urbanism - 08/05/2014

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    Rapid growth, unmanageable cities, urban crisis, macrocephali... The cities of west Africa are no longer ‘plannable’ – at least not using traditional urban development tools. Without negating the importance of participatory processes in city creation, it nonetheless seems crucial to return to city plans and models, to what cities convey, and how they are built. But to understand the city in all its depth and richness, we must also hit the streets. The West African City proposes a dual perspective. At the urban scale, it analyses historical trajectories, spatial development, and urban planning documents to highlight the major trends beyond the plans. At the second level – that of public space – the street is discussed as the city’s lifeblood. By innovating approaches and testing new methods, The West African City offers an unconventional look at Nouakchott, Dakar and Abidjan, the three study sites for this investigation. The city of today, in Africa or elsewhere, must re-examine its many social, economic, cultural, political, and spatial dimensions; for this, urban research has begun challenging its own methods. This book is also the companion of Chenal's MOOC African cities.


    • Foreword
    • SECTION I: THREE CITIES IN WEST AFRICA: NOUAKCHOTT, DAKAR AND ABIDJAN – 1 The African city, NKC Nouakchott – 2 Nouakchott: New city, old concept, DKR Dakar – 3 Dakar: the city; Pikine: the suburbs, ABJ Abidjan – 4 Abidjan: the capital of French-speaking West Africa – 5 The three cities: a comparative analysis
    • SECTION II: URBAN PLANNING – 1 Master Plan for Urban Development of Nouakchott – 2 Urban Master Plan for Dakar (2025) – 3 Master Plan for Greater Abidjan – 4 Three cities, three plans
    • SECTION III: THE PRESS – 1 Public space as seen through the press – 2 The press and public space in Nouakchott – 3 The press and public space in Dakar – 4 The press and public space in Abidjan – 5 Commonalities and differences
    • SECTION IV: IMAGES AND CITIES – 1 Photographing public spaces – 2 The streets of Nouakchott – 3 The streets of Dakar – 4 The streets of Abidjan – 5 Frames: city summaries
    • SECTION V: DIFFERENT BUT SIMILAR CITIES – 1 Virtually identical cities – 2 Urban planning and urban models – 3 Planning, the media, photography, and public spac – 4 A few recommendations
    • Bibliography
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      Jérôme Chenal


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      Mooc on Coursera

      African cities : an introduction to urban planning Villes africaines: une introduction à la planification urbaine

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