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  1. Translating the City

EPFL Press Series

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Translating the City

Interdisciplinarity in Urban Studies


From Stéphanie Vincent-Geslin


EPFL Press - Collection: Urbanism - 2015-02-20

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    Cities are a highly fragmented, heterogeneous subject; those who study, ana- lyze and question it make a use of a variety of disciplines and methods and have different areas of expertise. How is a dialogue built between heterogeneous urban contexts and urban researchers, architects, developers, anthropologists, sociologists and political scientists? What capacity do concepts and meth- ods have to travel from one context to another? How can they be transferred? Can they be translated? The strength of Translating the City lies in its disci- plinary and geographical comparison and dialogue on a global scale. It openly targets an international audience, bringing together leading researchers from a variety of disciplines (urban planning, sociology, architecture and anthropology) and presenting case studies from highly contrasting urban settings, including Cape Town, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, Mumbai, as well as Geneva, Lisbon, or Berlin.


    • Introduction
    • Planning, Modernism and the Challenge of Enduring Urban Segregation
    • Modernism in Emerging Cities: a ‘Global-Modern’ Concept?
    • A Radical Strategy to Deal with Slum Upgrading in the City of Rio de Janeiro
    • A Theoretical Proposal to Reconsider the Contemporary City as Violent, Segregated and Mobile
    • The Elusive Slum and Uneven Spatial Trajectories, Focus on Dharavi, Mumbai, India
    • Urbanization Regimes of the Ordinary City
    • Urbanity as a Way of Life: Risky Behaviour, Creativity, and Post-heroism in Canada and Mexico
    • [Heroic] Figures of Urbanity, ‘Creativists’ and Travellers: New (Post)Heroes in Town
    • Informal Urbanism & Limited Mobility: Lessons from Duba
    • Information

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    • Paper book

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